This is a selection of the editorial illustrations I have done for the Berliner Zeitung.

“Meine Pussy, der Diktator meines Körpers”
work for @berliner_zeitung on instinct, love and desire.
AD @alinbosnoyan

“Good Vibes only? Nein danke!”  
work for @berliner_zeitung about the dangers behind the mindfulness culture and when too much self-love becomes not more than an ego focused behaviour.
Author: @nadine.primo
AD @alinbosnoyan

“Sommer ist bald wieder vorbei”
(Summer will be soon over again)

Comic for the @berliner_zeitung about this kind of early nostalgia, the warm sun, the wet skin, the refreshing swim, the cold grapes.
AD by the best, @alinbosnoyan

“Today is the end of the summer where I live and the end of winter where I come from.
The end of summer here means that I will be soon going to my other summer in the south. And when is ending there it means I'm coming back home.
My mother taught me how to feel the end of the summer by listening to the trees. One month before it ends the leaves start making a metal sound when the wind blows meaning they are slowly drying, even when their color is still green.
Is kind of a slow goodbye, or a see you later.”

“Manche Menschen vertrauen bei der Liebe aufs Bauchgefühl. Andere befragen das Universum”

Work for @berliner_zeitung on dating and the stars 🌙 🌞💋✨
AD @alinbosnoyan

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