Imagine feeling like a giant, strolling carefree through city streets, cozy enough to skip across a river as if it were a mere puddle, and savoring the ultimate comfort of taking in the view from the summit of a towering skyscraper.

Introducing EMU Australia Campaing where I got the pleasure to Design and be in charge of the Art Direction. 
The campaign brings a burst of energy, seamlessly blending the realms of live action and cel animation as our oversized characters navigate the city with the signature well-being and adaptability that defines the brand.

Art Director & Illustration : Elda Broglio
Illustrator assistant: Emma Blanc
Produced by BOL Production House
Executive Producer : Pierre Gobin
HOP : Victoria Ventura
Producers : Tamara Sefcovicova, Anna Aguilera
Directed by : Device
Creative Direction : Guille Comín
Edit/Stock Research : David Arruga
Storyboard : Ana Recio, Karla Cuba
Animation : Guadalupe Vyleta, Kyrylo Novikov, Karla Cuba, Virginia Filliol, Juli Culaciatti, Daniel Soms
Clean Up : Karla Cuba, Ana Recio, Maria Rincon, Virginia Fillol, Ester Dus, Kyrylo Novikov
Compositing : Edu Altarriba
Color Grading : Pepit (elpack)
Music, Sound Design and Mastering : Facundo Capece

Elda Broglio - All rights reserved - Buenos Aires - Berlin