LUSTR Festival

My piece for LUSTR festival.
Part of @random_collective_berlin special exhibition under the theme: “Freedom”

My illustration Is about Lilith, the hidden story about the first woman in paradise, expelled because her ways and sexual desires were not the ones that Adan preferred. After a while, after trying with other animals without success Adan asked for her back, so God sent three angels to bring her back from the demon's shores, but she refused #sorrynotsorry #toolate #gofuckyourselfadan.

Through history we have created stories that built shame around us women, creating boundaries and placing us under men's shadow. Lots of stories about strong women are still hidden, so let’s just release them and create new stories for future generations that instead of making us feel ashamed for what and who we are,
set us all free.

Elda Broglio - All rights reserved - Buenos Aires - Berlin